Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's to Blame?

This was on the news on Friday, November 13, 2009 at 4 pm on KABC, channel 7 in Los Angeles.{I saw a teaser of it on Oprah, I was catching up today} Yes, you really do need to do your homework before hiring any professional. When deciding on a wedding planner, look for one that is an association or can at least give you names of previous brides. And a professional wedding planner will do just that, help you PLAN & Coordinate your wedding day. We do not make your food, your dress or take your photos. We rely on professionals in those fields to do it. We do not sign contracts with vendors. We do not take money up front to pay for other vendors. BIG RED FLAG! We will refer and recommend vendors but it is up to you the couple to pay and sign a contract for their services. We will help you distribute final payments and gratuities on the wedding day, but it is your money, not ours.

As a couple please do not go to a one stop shop. Yes, I can bake, but not your wedding cake. I can drive, but not a limo., I can play music, but not like a DJ. I have a camera, but they won't look the same. I can arrange flowers but not for a wedding. You need to taste the food and cake before your wedding. You should go to an event the DJ is at to get a feel for him. Have the floral designer show you examples. You should see lots of photos from the photographer before you book. Also, an engagement session so you can see if you feel comfortable with them. Meet the wedding planner before you sign anything. Make sure your personalities mesh. You are paying these people A LOT of money. Your wedding is one of your most expensive purchases, don't come away from it like this couple. I feel sorry for them, but one person doing everything? Come on! As a wedding planner I can't do their jobs if I am doing my job right, which is coordinating your wedding day. Likewise, they can't/shoudn't be doing my job if you are paying them to be your floral designer, caterer, photographer or DJ.

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Wedding Noise said...

I have to blame Laura on this one. Most of my friends ended choosing a wedding planner based on personal recommendations of friends they trusted (or at least facebook friends ;-).
This brings back memories of the couple that sued the wedding photograher in England for "woefully inadequate” service - The bad thing about this is their's no redoing an event like this. I wish Laura luck in finding closure on this screw up.

I have a quick question. Friends of mine over at are interested in being listed on a section like "websites we like" or similar on your website for their wedding invitations. They can pay a small one time insertion fee for your trouble. If not interested in that they could also provide a helpful article on wedding invitations for your website to assist your visitors. I'm sure they would be open to other ideas that you may have too.

On a personal note I run a wedding blog and would be interested in exchanging links with you on your blogroll. Look forward to hearing back from you!!

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