Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Last week was part one of the series. It covered 6:30 am to 10 am. Click on Wedding Planner to see it. This week will take us through the ceremony.

~The Happy Couple~

  • Set up the ceremony area. Pour the sand into the the vases, They had a vase of sand for the officiant, too. They officiant is still with the Trio discussing their cues. The guest book attendants want to know if the guests can sign anywhere in the book. They did a cute photo book and of course where ever they want. The banquet captain is helping me by putting the finishing touches on the candy bar.

  • I noticed looking at my phone so I knew it was exactly that time. Went to change. I usually come in 'set-up' clothes & no make-up and then change into my nice wedding clothes and put my make-up on. As I am getting my clothes out of the Bellman's closet. {Since it was outside there was no place for me to store my clothes anywhere else.} I just miss the bride getting back from photos, but I was able to chat with the photographer for a moment.

  • After I am dressed, my hair is done and my make-up put on. You need to be quick! I go look out the set-up and make sure everything is going smoothly. I check in with the DJ. He teases me since I haven't changed into my pumps, yet. I am still in my flip flops easier to walk around in right now!

  • I go make the long trek to go get the Bride. The Banquet Captain is getting the guys. I get to her room which is up some stairs, down a hallway and down a elevator and then down another hallway. I get to the room and tell them it is time! We gather everybody up and make the long journey back. Everybody won't fit into the elevator so the bride, her dad and the photographer get in with me. We leave the bridesmaids to take the next one.

  • I get our little party into the staging room and leave the bride, her dad and the photographer in there. I am off to search for mom. Find her, send her into the room. Look for the grandparents and the groom's parents since they will be in the processional. They are were they are supposed to be. The Banquet Captain meets up with the bridesmaids {whew, we missed the groom} and they along with the groomsmen come up to the staging room. The groom goes off to the side to make his entrance with the Officiant. I went back into the staging room and let everybody know it is time. I walk back out to where I will be sending the bridal party down the aisle. I let the guests know it was now time to take their seats. Have the officiant meet the groom at the designated area.


  • Send the Groom' parents and the Bride's mom and Grandfather down the aisle. The Groom & Officiant come out from the side. Once they are seated I do I huge hand wave to get the trio's attention that is now time to play Canon in D. They finally see me, turn their pages and start playing. I send the bridal party down the aisle. Smile everybody, have fun and hold your bouquets at your belly button. As the best man is in the line up I ask, "You have the rings?" Of course he did. The flower girl DOES NOT want to go down so her mom picks her up and carries her down the aisle. I wave my hands again. It's the brides turn. Her music is starting. Tell her to breath, smile and how beautiful she looks. She goes down the aisle with her dad to become a wife. I fix her train as she turns. Whew! The ceremony is out of my hands now.


  • I take a few shots of the reception and ceremony. Move the guest book and gifts to the other side of the ceremony area. I watch the ceremony for a sec, then I go back to put my pumps on.


  • They're not with the rest of my stuff. Did I leave them in the car? I grab my set-up clothes and run out to my car. As I am almost there I realize no, I left them in the ladies restroom where I changed. I run there, find them and put them on.


  • As I go back the wedding is over and everybody is back in the staging area. A tray of appetizers is passed around to the bridal party and we get everybody back outside to take photos.


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