Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Today, I am going to start telling you the multi-part story of what one wedding planner {me} did on the day of the wedding at a luxury resort. It was a daytime wedding. The ceremony started at 11am and the reception was over at 4pm. The ceremony and reception were at the same place. The Bride, Groom, wedding party and parents all stayed at the hotel the night before.

  • Wake-up. Shower & dress, in casual clothes. Say bye to my little boy who woke right as I was leaving.


  • Left home. I wanted to leave at 6:45-7:00 but, oh well.


  • Stop by a fast food drive through. Not sure when I will have time to eat later.


  • Arrive at the venue. Almost missed the off-ramp. I am so not a morning person and thought I was driving to San Diego, oops!


  • Park, go to the bell desk to retrieve the wedding stuff from the Catering Managers office. Too much for one bell cart need to call another bellman.


  • Get to the ceremony & reception site. Everything will be outside today. Photographer’s assistant arrives and we go over to the bride’s dressing room. She has been to this venue before and know the trick to get in without a key. Another photographer calls. She’s on the way. Their original photographer went into labor that day. There is confusion about which photographer is going to be with the bride.


  • Go see my Bride. So beautiful! She’s a bit nervous. Talk with the Maid of Honor. She just had a baby two weeks before the wedding and couldn't make it to the rehearsal the previous night. I gave her a rundown of what she needed to do. Told everybody that they needed to be ready by 9. One of the bridesmaids argued that she couldn't be. OK, not your wedding. Except the bride. The photographer’s assistant was loaning her BMW for the get-away car and the Mother of the Bride wanted to decorate it. So I get them together.


  • Start setting up ceremony & reception. They are within a few feet of each other. Checked in with the Banquet Manager, confirmed floor plan and table set-up. Started putting together their candy bar. Realize I don’t have the glue dots. Go to the Groom’s room. The groomsmen are rocking pink ties. The guys are so very restless. Had them go out to the lobby to wait for their photographer; Call the photographer to let her know that she needs to meet the guys in the lobby. Walked over to the bride's room to get the boutonnieres. The bride's photographer was taking shots of them so I asked her assistant if she could bring them to the lobby when she is done. Go to the lobby to let the guys know what's going on. The go back to the wedding area.


  • Continue the set up. Florist is working on the ceremony area, great. Met the Banquet Captain. She is fantastic and helps me A LOT! plus, she brought me some ice tea. The drink of the gods! She helps me set up Candy Bar. The first person of the string trio arrives. Concerned there isn't enough shade. So ask if we can get another umbrella over where they will be playing.


  • Continue setting up.


  • The DJ arrives. I introduce myself. You email and talk on the phone but you don't always meet the other vendors till wedding day. Hear the the guys yell out the DJ's name as the drive off for their photos.


  • Guestbook Attendants & one of the Ushers arrive. Let them know what their duties are. I also give them a timeline to look over. Get officiant and the trio together so they can discuss the cues for the ceremony. Finish setting up. Cake is there. I didn't even notice it arriving.

Part 2 will be next Tuesday.


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