Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Batman-The Dark Knight

Since the 6th Batman movie{yes, 6th}, The Dark Knight, is coming out this Friday, July 18th, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my little Batman.

He started off as Batman for Halloween 2007 and Batman has continued being his favorite all this year. Which is fine by me since BATMAN has always been my favorite super hero. For his birthday party in May, we knew exactly what the theme would be this year.
Here's a little glimpse into my life as the Mommy of Batman!!!!

Yes, my son is even themed with a Batman shirt and a button with Batman that read Birthday Boy.

As a big Batman fan myself, it is the one movie I have always seen on opening day. Even Batman Begins, with a one year old, who wasn't too thrilled to be there!!

So see you on opening day!!!

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