Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beverage Tuesday

"Diet" Cocktails

We all want to be able to have a cocktail or two and maintain our figures, but what to drink and not sacrifice the flavor.
You can of course have low cal drinks at home with diet juices & other diet mixers, you can also substitute Splenda for the sugar in a few drinks, but at a bar what do you order?

  • How about the Skinny Bitch, which is a Rum & Diet Coke?
  • You can order any liquor with Diet Coke.
  • The lower the proof, the lower the alcohol content. Most shots of basic alcohol {1 1/2 ozs.} will set you back about 100 calories.
  • Bars don't usually have any other mixer that is diet. Tonic water is not a diet drink, nor is ginger ale.
  • You can order your drink with Soda Water. Which is only bubbly water.
  • A Wine Spritzer is just that, wine with soda water.
  • There is always the light beer, but that can be boring.
  • A glass of Champagne is pretty low in calories, too.
  • There are conflicting reports online about the Sour Apple Martini, but most say it is fairly low in calories.
  • The Mojito is somewhat low-cal, even better if you can slip in a sugar substitute.
  • If you are at a bar that has infused liquors, give those a try on the rocks.
  • Bloody Mary's are fairly low in calories, too, since they are made with tomatoes instead of fruit juice.

Next time I will give you some recipies to try at home.


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diana Adams said...

love the skinny drink ideas. very clever. we like skinny brides!