Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Day in the Life of A Wedding Planner

This is the third and last part of our series A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner. Last week we left off with the ceremony ending. You can catch up with wedding planner 1 and wedding planner 2. Today we are going to go through the reception. Their Cake


  • Once the bridal party is on their way to the park right next door for photos I start working on other things. I have the umbrella's moved from the ceremony area to the reception area. It turned out to be a very, hot day even though we were by the ocean. I gather the rose petals from the aisle for their get-away toss later on. I have the banquet captain call up the florist. {Their studio is in the hotel.} To take down the arch flowers and aisle flowers to decorate the sweetheart table, candy table and the DJ. I look around and everything is moving along.


  • I go down to where the bridal party is and check on them. They are moving along nicely. They have two photographers and an assistant helping them with their shots. At that time we look up in the sky and there is a sky writer making double hearts. So appropriate! I go back to the reception take some more photos. {I don't always have time to take them}.


  • The DJ starts playing and the trio is done for the day. I thank them and we had a mutually love fest. The cocktail reception is going great. I go back down to where the photos are being taken and let them know that time is running out. I get down on my knees, bustle the gown and do some spot stain removal. The Bride and groom are Doing their romantics while this is going on. The bride has also noticed that they didn't serve her coconut shrimp. They gave her tempura instead. Not happy!


  • The bridal party makes the trek back up to the reception. They line up for their entrance. They all get introduced, now it is time for the Mr. & Mrs. They are introduced and go right into their first dance. I go over and talk to the Banquet manager about the shrimp and ask that The bride & groom get a plate of coconut shrimp on their table for when they are done with their dance. I also ask if the buffet will be ready and open when they are done dancing. Yes, all of the food is almost out.


  • The groom's father sang a song for the guests, then the bride's grandfather said grace. The buffet opens up and the bride and groom wanted to walk through it so of course they are the first to go. I then release the tables starting with the parents. The bridal party decided to jump ahead. Oh well. The banquet captain~love her~asked me when we will be ready for lunch. I told her as soon as all the guests go through the line.


  • Let the vendor;s know that it is time to eat. The DJ wants to eat at his station. They usually do. I let the two photographers and the assistant it was time. The one photographer went in the buffet line. I had to quickly grab her and let her know we are being served in the staging area from the ceremony. The four of sit down to lunch. Fabulous. We had steak and chicken. You never know what they are going to serve you. Sometimes it is just sandwiches. We rest and chat for a few.


  • On the way out of the restroom I am stopped by a couple who would like to book me. Yay, they did! I run out to the site because I think I am gone too long. I guess the girls were waiting for me to come back. I thought they were already out. Oh well. I talk to the Banquet Manager to have them start pouring the cider for the toast. She thought they were not getting anything for the toast. I had her check. Yes, they were and the cider was poured. Once everyone had some the toasts started with the Best Man, the the nervous Maid of Honor. I also asked the Parents of the Bride and Groom if they would like to talk. The Groom's parents didn't want to, but the Bride's parents did. A few other people gave toasts.


  • Now it was time for the Father/Daughter dance. The Groom and his Mother followed them. They then went into cutting the cake. The cake was served and everybody was dancing, except it was an awfully hot day, so the chocolates that the venue served with the cake melted. So sad!


  • The garter toss and the bouquet toss was a hoot. Everybody was having a blast.


  • Noticed that the staff took everything off the tables. Not good. They didn't have a bar. So I asked if they could set up a little water station since everybody was dancing and sweating!


  • The Mother of the Bride wanted to decorate the bridal suite, so I went to the front desk to get the key. I gave her some of the petals from the aisle and off we went with one of the photographers.


  • I sent the Bride to her room to freshen up since she and her Groom were taking their photos on the beach after the wedding and who wants melted make-up for that! {her Aunt did hair and make-up}. While she was gone the groom was taking some fun photos with his friends that were not in the wedding.


  • I went off in search of the Bride. I actually missed her and they were playing the last song we I got back. I let the photographers assistant that it was time for her to get her car. As she was pulling up on of the parking attendants gave her grief, but the General Manager asked if me if he could block traffic for them. So sweet! I gave the Maid of Honor and a Bridesmaid the rose petals to hand out to all of the guests. I held back the Bride and Groom and lined up the guests in two lines towards the get-away car. As soon as everybody had petals I had the Bride & Groom run towards the car. I looked great! They jumped in and off they went with the photographers.


  • The party is over the guests are leaving and now is the fun part, packing up everything. All their stuff is going into their hotel room but only the Bride's Mother and I know where their room is. I ask the Maid of Honor and The best Man to bring me their bags so I can put them in the room along with all of the wedding stuff. Here mom just asks that I keep everything 'pretty', of course. So all of their stuff get put away. The DJ breaks down his stuff and the banquet staff breaks down all the table and chairs.


  • I wait for a bell cart to put all of the stuff into their room, gifts and all! I leave her bouquet and his bout on the bed and her veil on their couch. Her mom did a great job! The staff has already delivered their champagne. I leave the key on the desk and leave the room. My Day is Over!


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