Friday, August 28, 2009

~Friday Shopping~

Today we are featuring Something for the Guys.

Cufflinks to fit your personality. Instead of having the boring cufflinks that come with the tux/suit, why not get some cool ones to stand out from the crowd, after all it is the groom's day, too.

Wedding Day Cufflinks

Letter A Alphabet Cufflinks

They come in letters A~Z & they can be ordered in two different letters. So you can have the frist initial of both of you on each cuff, but you need to order at least two pairs. One for the groom and one for each dad.

Here is one for the guy that loves playing pool.

8-Ball Cufflinks

Or likes to fish.

Fishing Reel Cufflinks

Or is a sports fanatic

Baseball Cufflinks

Basketball Cufflinks

Football Cufflinks

Soccer Ball Cufflinks

Or Vegas, Baby!

Roulette Wheel Cufflinks

So many fun ones which one to pick?

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