Thursday, August 27, 2009


Natural Goat Milk Skin Care, soaps, facial cream & bath salts. All made from hand milked goats. They also make a vegan lip balm. The farm is located in Southern California, just a little south of Santa Barbara. The name of the company means goat in Spanish. They also use herbs from their garden in the products.

I heard about them when Lauren, the co-founder, came to an ABC meeting in Orange County earlier this month. We received a bar of soap as our favor. Which is in the photo below. The reason she was there was to promote favors for weddings or showers. They can custom blend scents and make a custom label for the items. They will also stamp them. Our bar was lily of the valley with a tree stamp. They do need at 60 days to make these since they are hand made, but for a unique favor or welcome basket gift, that will be used, this is a great item.


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