Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun Things

Here are few fun products I saw at The Special Event last week~A trade show for the event industry.  I will post some my own photos when I finally get my computer back.

You can customize a plastic 7 1/2 inch plate with photos.  The more you buy the more you save. These are great for showers or casual rehearsal dinners/weddings.  You just upload your photo, play with it and you have yourself a cute little plate.

With this company you can customize the scent of your wedding. 
 Let's say you fall in love with a venue but there is an odor.  You can use Scentevents to 'mask' the smell.  You can also use them to convey a feeling that you want.  Just another way to customize you event.

As the name suggests these are confetti with your photos on them.  They are one inch rounds and double sided.  You also can choose different colored accent pieces to add in.  Since Photofetti is larger you should be able to use them in most venues.  You also just upload your photos and order all online.

Mr. Joyeux & I used personalized M & M's at our wedding {four years ago} with our names and dates on two different colors of M & M's .  Now you can also include your photos.  They have 25 colors to choose from, although they can't print on the darker colors.  They have introduced shimmers {gold, platinum and pearl}.  How pretty would those be?  You just upload your photos, add a message and you can now also choose your font.  So fun!

So check these out for other ways to personalize your wedding or any other event.

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