Friday, October 10, 2008

Venues of the Southland~The Los Angeles Biltmore

The Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel

The Hotel and Pershing Square

The Olive Street Entrance

Today I am going Downtown. To LA and one of the cities must sees. The Los Angeles Biltmore. The hotel turned 85 this year and has hosted the Academy Awards and countless other fine affairs throughout the years. The hotel has also been featured in numerous movies and television shows. The crown jewel of the hotel is the Crystal Ballroom. It seats about 300 for a wedding and comes with the Tiffany Ballroom for the reception. One of the more unique aspects of the room are the balcony's. You can display your cake or have your first dance up high in the room.
The hotel also has the Emerald Ballroom and the Gold Ballroom. They are all unique in style. Not your typical hotel ballroom.

The Rendezvous Court hosts an Afternoon Tea almost daily.

The Crystal Ballroom

The Emerald Ballroom all ready for a ceremony

The Gold Ballroom

Enjoy the eye candy and check out the Biltmore.

I did work at the Biltmore so I am a little biased, but it is a fabulous place to get married at!

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