Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honeymoon Registries

This is an great idea for couples who already have most of the basic items and don't want or need china, but want a Fantastic Honeymoon.

There are few different kind of Honeymoon registries out there. Some companies actually book the place for you and some just save it for you and you take out the money when needed. Pick which one works best for you. Here a few to check out.
The Honeymoon
Traveler's Joy
The Big Day
Honeymoon Wishes
Honey Fund
Honey Luna
Traveler's Joy
Our Wishing Well
Smart Honeymoon
If you have used one. Let us know what you thought.
Happy Honeymoon Planning,

Mentioning of any of the Honeymoon Registries does not mean an endorsement.
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coolweddinginvitations said...

hey, thank you I did not know that such a thing exists. I am going to get married in 3 months but my honeymoon will be postponed 'till December so it is a good idea. I will check the websites out and report back if I decide to use ones' services. Many thanks again