Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let's JAM

I just went to an industry event called the LA JAM. Here are a few photos of that event. It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center which is in the middle of a renovation. It will be completed in the Spring of 2009.

This is the outdoor lounge and liquid dance floor that greeted you as you entered.

The lounges were furnished by FormDecor. The florals by SPASE Las Vegas.

This food display is by the Pasadena Convention Center catering company Boston Culinary Group.

She is from Champagne Showgirls. Kinda of a cool concept. She had a few different appetizers on her 'table'. They have different costumes for differnt occasions.

This would be a fun Save the Date.

They take two photos of you and then put them together. It was kinda hard for me to take a photo of the two different poses! by Get Flipped.

A lot of photo booth companies are now making scrapbooks/memory books of your guests photos and their well wishes. Some even do them at the event. These are from Four Quick Clicks.

I wrote about Images on Chocolate in June but I didn't have an image of me. So here is my image and my son enjoying eating his mommy's face a little too much!

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