Thursday, September 4, 2008

2008 vs.1958

I should have posted this last week but, I just read this article today in the Association of Bridal Consultants trade paper. It compared weddings today with those from 50 years ago. The list and photo is from AARP's June Bulletin.

Annual Weddings-1958/1.5 million 2008/2.4 million

Bride's Name-1958/Mary 2008/Jennifer

Groom's Name-1958/Robert 2008/Michael

Bride's Income-1958/$1,572 2008/$30,719

Groom's Income-1958/$2,396 2008/$34,167

Bride's Life Expectancy-1958/65 2008/78

Groom's Life Expectancy-1958/57 2008/70

Stereotype-1958/Blushing Bride 2008/Bridezilla

Wedding Gown-1958/$135 2008/$1,317

Tux Rental-1958/$5.50 2008/$69.95

Bride's Age-1958/20 2008/26

Groom's Age-1958/22 2008/28

Piece of Wedding Cake-1958/35 cents 2008/$4.52

Getaway Car-1958/Chevy Impala Convertible 2008/Toyota Camry

Gallon of Gas-1958/30 cents 2008/over $4.00

Honeymoon Cost-1958/$237 2008/$3,680

Honeymoon destination-1958 Niagra Falls 2008/Hawaii

Most Trendy Gift-1958/Corning Ware Casserole dish 2008/Nintendo Wii

Number of Children-1958/3.6 2008/2.1

My parents wed on August 30, 1958. The bride was 24 and the groom was 35. She was not a 'blushing' bride. She wore a blue dress and he wore a blue suit. They had 2 children. Their honeymoon was at Mt. Baldy, California. She lived to be 71. He is still alive and kicking at 85.

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