Monday, August 11, 2008

Beverage Monday. Firefly Vodka.

I just read about Firefly a fairly, new Vodka Company located in South Carolina on Create My Event. It caught my eye since I have loved drinking tea since I was a little girl. Then you distill it with vodka, what a great way to have a tea cocktail that's not a Long Island!!! I do have to admit I have spiked my ice tea with Jack Daniels on occasion!!! But that's for another time. The biggest bummer though is that it's not available in California. I have to go to Nevada or Arizona to taste it or bring it home.

This is the description of the 2 bottles in the photo from the web-site.

"Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is the distillery's newest product on the market. The product is an infusion of American Tea and Firefly Vodka. Firefly Distillery is proud to bring true southern products to the marketplace. (70 proof)"

"Firefly Muscadine Wine Flavored Vodka- The inspiration for a muscadine wine flavored vodka came from the 11.5 acres of vineyard where the distillery is located. As the muscadine grape is native to the South, Firefly is a southern distillery. The muscadine infusion creates a smooth sippin' vodka that is easily imbibed. (80 proof)"

On the web-site they have photos of the distillery and the still!! So very cool and Southern.

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