Saturday, August 9, 2008

ABC GLA. Photography Panel at Matteos

I know I am a little late getting this one out but, I went to an ABC GLA meeting in July. It was the 1st one that I had gone to in Los Angles in a few months. Sadly, I missed a couple of really great ones. This one was held at Matteo's LA. It was a very informative meeting with a panel of photographers. They served us a five course meal of fantastic Italian food. YUM!!! We were seated in the 'Townhouse' their upstairs room with an outdoor patio and skylight. It is a light and airy room. We were all seated in a U-shape which is great style for a rehearsal dinner.

Downstairs is old school Hollywood. Dark, with red booths and leopard print carpet. You can imagine eating there with the mob!! Frank Sinatra was a regular in his time. They even have a train that runs around the bar on the upper wall.

The photographers had a lot to say and talked about the various styles of photography and why they price the way that they do. What has digital done for them. What can we as planners do to help the process. Traditional albums v. Montage (modern) albums. I learned a lot and had a great meal. I love learning about the other people who work the wedding and seeing their work.

They all had a lot to say and have great porfolios. Check them out.
Robert Evans Studios
Donald Norris
James Johnson
Kari Kochar
Jenny Stafford-
Red Loft Studios
Nicole Caldwell

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