Friday, June 6, 2008

Biz Bash LA

I went to Biz Bash yesterday at the Los Angeles Convention Center It's not really aimed at Wedding Planners, but as a wedding planner I am in the business of events!!
I decided to volunteer as a way to check everything out, behind the scenes, so to speak. It was a cool, but long day. I worked the concierge lounge, a seminar, the info booth and greeted attendees at the registration area. We were given a lunch voucher for $10, some schwag & a tee shirt. Plus, we were able to check out the booths on the expo floor. Not bad for wanting to help out and be nosy. After my shift I was able to slip into the Dazzle Biz Bash award show and the all attendee cocktail reception. Below are the photos of the reception area, some booths that caught my eye and the food at the cocktail reception. The food was a lot better than you would think for a convention center. The Warner Bros. Batman photo is for my son who is totally Bat crazy this year.

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