Monday, June 30, 2008

New Feature. Beverage Monday.

How fun is this is? Vodka 02, a patented Sparkling Vodka. What a great alternative to champagne and at 80 proof quite a bit more potent!!

"The Vodka is of exceptional quality and smoothness that gently sparkles on the tongue, lightens your mood and stirs the senses. Its sexy, sophisticated and creates a sense of fun, celebration and occasion." from Admiral Imports US distributor of Vodka o2.

Here are a couple of fun recipes from the website.

Velvet Angel (a nice deep Purple)
2 oz of chilled Vodka o2
1 0z of Chambord
1/2 oz of Triple Sec
1/2 oz of Raspberry puree
4 oz of Cranberry juice
Stir all ingredients together and serve over ice in a 14 oz glass. Garnish with raspberries and mint.
Blue 7 (blue, of course)
2 oz of chilled Vodka o2
1 oz of Blue Curacao
Top with Apple juice
Stir all ingredients together and serve over ice in a 14 oz glass. Garnish with an orange slice.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Flip Flops

It's Summer time and who wants to wear shoes? I don't, even in the winter. There are quite a few cute wedding flip flops out there. Here is just a tiny sample of some pretty ones. They're great for a beach wedding or changing into to dance the night away at the reception.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Viva la France

Ok, you cannot have a name like A Joyeux Day without loving all things French, so when I saw these I fell in love. Is it not just the cutest? It is a little box by Studio d. Sharp. You can buy one for an engagement ring and add a "Marry Me" sign or you can buy several and put candy in them to use as favor boxes. Thank you to Parisian Party Blog for posting this 1st.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Summer Days!!!

Sunny Yellow & Cool Blue

It's actually the last day of spring and it's 100 degrees outside so I thought I'll try my hand at an inspiration board. So here is my 1st based on the hot, summer sun & fresh, cool water. Nice refreshing lemonade, yellow Gerber daisies, blue umbrellas, fans to keep cool, a beautiful view, a delicious cake and bridesmaids in yellow & blue.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why so many posts about industry events?

I know it seems like I'm only posting about events I'm going to & not ones that I am coordinating.

I've come to the realization it will take longer than I thought to build the business and start getting clients. So for now, I will just keep on going to events, taking classes, blogging and doing research to learn as much as possible about this industry that I have been a part of for so many years but, working for other people and not bringing my camera to capture the events I was working.

Thank you for reading and your support. I will keep you informed on my progress.

Happy Father's Day

Dad, Baby and eveybody else who are Father's, Happy Father's Day to all of you.

My husband is hard at work today taking care of other Dad's on this his 5th Father's Day.

On the other hand my Dad doesn't' really want to do anything today. We moved up here last year to be closer to my Dad after my Mom died. We didn't want to worry on the 2 hour drive to see him when he wasn't doing well. Especially since on Super Bowl Sunday this year, he woke up not able to see anything out of his 'good' eye making him essentially blind. So I'm glad we are up here with him.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yum, Chocolate!!!

Last week at Biz Bash, I stopped by a couple of fun chocolate booths.

One was Bedazzle My Bonbons, a glitter truffle. So pretty, yummy and as their ad says slightly naughty. Everybody at the show was walking around with glitter lips.

The other was a company that made chocolate lollipops, Images Printed on Chocolate. They take your picture and it's printed right onto them. Then they put them in little covers. So very cool. They make other items, too. Check out their website.

Either of them would make fantastic, fun favors.

Friday, June 13, 2008

ABC Program

I just received my results from the home study classes I've been taking with ABC. I have passed all five of them with honors!! I'm so excited. I just need to take my final & do 3 projects to complete the Professional Development Program and shed my Novice status!!!

More Cake

Ok, I'm doing my daily blog love & I came across these gorgeous cakes on Something Old, Something New. Love Them & she's in Long Beach!!!! According to her website she has unique flavors too, like lavender-scented chocolate, YUM!! I think I've found a new Cake Artist, Erica O'Brien!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sizzle & Chill

Last night, I went to Hot Party. It was thrown by ABC Orange County & Invisible Touch. This was just a fun event.

We started off by coming in on a red carpet. Who doesn't like to do that?

We then received either Pomegranate & Almond Sparkling Wine or Chandon & Strawberry Champagne.

How Red Hot is this?

You then made your way around a couple of corners to a Chill/Ice room. It was a beautifully done room in White & ICE!!! They also had an ice love seat. That's ice cream in the squares.

That's my Blue Raspberry Martini in the luge.

I've been working these kinds of events for years. So it is a real treat to be a guest and actually play in the 'casino'. I learned how to, sort of, play Craps!!! Unfortunately, I didn't win the Grand Prize. A trip to the Wynn Las Vegas!!

The back patio had a cool, liquefied dance floor, 2 catering companies, a lounge, a DJ, band and the Red Carpet photo booth.

After the casino closed we had a blast dancing the night away!!!

On a final note. You can't see a place you worked at, promoted/talked about, on a daily basis displayed on a monitor and not take a picture of it. This is the fabulous, Crystal Ballroom at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.

I had the pleasure of working in the catering department there till I decided to make a leap into entrepreneurship earlier this year.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Biz Bash LA

I went to Biz Bash yesterday at the Los Angeles Convention Center It's not really aimed at Wedding Planners, but as a wedding planner I am in the business of events!!
I decided to volunteer as a way to check everything out, behind the scenes, so to speak. It was a cool, but long day. I worked the concierge lounge, a seminar, the info booth and greeted attendees at the registration area. We were given a lunch voucher for $10, some schwag & a tee shirt. Plus, we were able to check out the booths on the expo floor. Not bad for wanting to help out and be nosy. After my shift I was able to slip into the Dazzle Biz Bash award show and the all attendee cocktail reception. Below are the photos of the reception area, some booths that caught my eye and the food at the cocktail reception. The food was a lot better than you would think for a convention center. The Warner Bros. Batman photo is for my son who is totally Bat crazy this year.