Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wedding Planner Scam

Yes, I too, was sent an e-mail that was intended to cheat me out of my hard-earned money!!! It was from a couple in Australia who wanted me to plan their wedding in just six weeks. It sounded a little fishy but, I figured I would e-mail them back and we will go from there. She seemed nice enough, except her spelling and grammar were atrocious. We sent a few e-mails back and forth. I started calling vendor's and making appointments, but I wanted to make sure they would pay me first before I actually booked anyone. I e-mailed them my letter of agreement and a Pay Pal invoice. A day letter they were a little weirded out about Pay Pal. Which of course is a red flag!!! I didn't hear from them for a few days . She sent me an e-mail saying her 'cousin' was going to send me a cashier's check for more than double my full fee. Many bells & whistles started going off!!!

I did look up her 'fiance'. He seemed legit and was actually located in Australia. When I finally found her, using her e-mail address she was listed on 'Christian' dating sites in the United States. She is supposed to be from Dublin.

I then looked up Wedding Scams and the letter that was sent to me was almost verbatim to what other Consultants received. Just names, dates and the country were different. Thankfully, I was able to nip this in the bud before it went any farther.
Lesson Learned
Please don't let this happen to you!!!

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