Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Floral Design Workshop

I became a member of Association of Bridal Consultants in January. Since then I have gone to 3 meetings. I decided since I'm based in Long Beach I will go to meetings in LA and OC. Maybe once and awhile I'll head down to San Diego, too. I went to my first one at Ramsey's in Toluca Lake in February and one at the Westin South Coast Plaza, a couple of weeks ago. Those were networking meetings. I meet a lot of great people. Too bad my business cards weren't here yet!!

Last week, I went to a workshop at Jackie Combs Floral Studio. Her studio is in Burbank. It was adorable. She does great work. It was in a small warehouse. We had simple appetizers and fun sweets. There was also a photo booth there from The Photo Boof. Yes, I had my photos taken & no I'm not going to publish them!!! They not only do the photo booth, but they project all the images anywhere in the reception venue. The bride and groom receive a CD of all the images afterwards. Then came the workshop, we each had a clear round vase, filled with about an inch of water(since we were all leaving & who wants a car full of water). We all had a 'goodie' bag. She had her logo on a muslin tag that they printed themselves(COOL IDEA). In it was a pair of scissors, floral shears & clear florists tape. Plus we had a little plastic box with black tipped pins in it. So Useful. She talked about trends in the industry. Less Brown, more into Charcoal Grey(MY FAV). Deeper Pinks(YEA). & more patterns in the ribbons. Bride's are also going back to cascade bouquets. What to look for in flowers, in terms of freshness-form, petals not falling off, and no brown or mushy parts on the stems. They use market prices for flowers since its sometimes hard to predict what the prices will be in a year. That a Floral Designer should know what the Mother's are wearing so their corsages will work with their clothing. They also have corsage magnets for lighter materials. You just can't have a pacemaker. & please no fish in centerpieces.Then we all played with the flowers and make our own centerpieces after a demo from Jackie. We we did a small round one. I choose colors that I normally wouldn't pick.

What do you thinkof it? I had a blast. I don't think my membership will go to waste!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello everybody, just wanted to start this along with the website. I'm in the process of setting everything up for the company. I now know all about the world of domains, name servers, IP's and all that. In this blog, I'll post stuff that I find along the way that is related to Weddings and Southern California. Fun things and just general ramblings!!!

My business cards came in last week. I think they came out great. It only took them a week to be processed and printed. I was expecting them in early April. I also recieved my letterhead along with them. I'm waiting on my return address labels. They have all kinds of cool things to brand my company.

Happy Reading Everybody,